As part of the Government of Canada's efforts to return to balanced budgets, the NSERC Major Resources Support (MRS) Program will no longer be accepting new applications at this time. Therefore starting May 1st 2012, the Félix d’Hérelle Reference Center for Bacterial Viruses is no longer supported by NSERC. Unfortunately, we were obliged to significantly modify the costs associated with the purchase of phages and bacteria to maintain some of the activities of the collection.

$250 CAD for each phage
$250 CAD for each bacteria
* Shipping fees will be added

To order a phage or a bacterium, please go to the catalog section and select the requested phage and host. When your order is completed, click on the "checkout" button below and a PDF form will be automatically generated. Please print, read and sign this form. Then, send the signed form by fax at 1-418-656-2861. You will be contacted by e-mail to confirm your order.

Alternatively, you can also directly contact us at:

Please note that an import permit may be needed prior to shipping specific bacterial strains.

Coûts dès Avril 2009

Client universitaire canadien: $60 CAN
Client non-universitaire canadien: $70 CAN

Autre client universitaire: $70 US
Autre client non-universitaire : $80 US

* Des frais de livraison seront aussi chargés

Pour sélectionner un phage ou une bactérie, svp consulter le catalogue.

Une fois votre commande complétée, cliquer sur le bouton "Finaliser ma commande". Un formulaire PDF sera automatiquement généré. On vous demande d'imprimer ce formulaire, de le signer et de nous le retourner par télécopieur au 1-418-656-2861. Par la suite, on communiquera avec vous par courriel pour confirmer la commande.

Alternativement, vous pouvez nous contacter directement pour une commande à:

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Bacterial Host Strain
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