HER Number
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Name Morphotype
Bace-11 A1 (Myophage)
Order Family Genus Species
Other designations

Electron Micrograph
Magnification: 297,000X
Bar: 50 nm
Staining: PT
Restriction profile

Characteristics Complete genome sequence
Plaques 0.1 mm?
Areas of confluent lysis are veiled.

Propagation conditions
Host strain HER
Temp. Medium Aerobic/Anaerobic Agitation Others
30ºC TSA

Original reference
Ahmed, R., P. Sankar-Mistry, S. Jackson, H.-W. Ackermann, S.S. Kasatiya. 1995. Bacillus cereus phage typing as an epidemiological tool in outbreaks of food poisoning. J. Clin. Microbiol. 33: 636-640.

Propagation is better on B. thuringiensis 2 HER 1230.
If troubles with 1414, mobilize the strain.
Morphologically identical with noncultivated B. megaterium phage.
Tail has 3 long, thick, wavy fibers and is morphologically identical with phage tails produced by C. saccharoperbutylacetonium (nonpublished).
One of the largest phages known, apparently temperate.
Typing phage for B. cereus.
Propagate not more than 6h

Received from Date
Rafiq Ahmed and Dr S.S. Kasatiya
Ontario Public Health Laboratory
Ottawa Public Health Laboratory
2380 St-Laurent blvd.
Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 5A4, Canada
Isolé par Date
Rafiq Ahmed 12-07-1993
Original source
Sewage treatment plant, Ottawa

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