HER Number
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Name Morphotype
1 A1 (Myophage)
Order Family Genus Species
Other designations

Electron Micrograph
Magnification: 297,000X
Bar: 50 nm
Staining: UA
Restriction profile

Characteristics Complete genome sequence
Clear plaques 0.1 mm.
Conspicuous capsomers.
Morphologically identical with the following phage species: Twort(Staphylococcus), SP50 (Bacillus), fri (Lactobacillus).
Morphologically related to species A19 of Brochothrix.
Replaces phage RZh which is no longer available (A.S. Tikhonenko).

Propagation conditions
Host strain HER
Temp. Medium Aerobic/Anaerobic Agitation Others
37ºC TSA

Original reference
Jarvis, A.W., L.J. Collins, H.W. Ackermann. 1993. A study of five bacteriophages of the Myoviridae family which replicate on different gram-positive bacteria. Arch. Virol. 133: 75-84.

Also held at the DSMZ collection under DSM 112154.

Isolé par Date
Dr S.S. Kasatiya
Public Health Laboratory
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Olive Chen
Public Health Laboratory
P.O. Box 6301, Station J
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K2A 1S8
Original source
Sewage, Ste-Rose, P.Q., Canada

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