HER Number
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Name Morphotype
138 A1 (Myophage)
Order Family Genus Species
Other designations
Group II II ATCC14100-B1

Electron Micrograph
Magnification: 297,000X
Bar: 50 nm
Staining: UA
Restriction profile

Characteristics Complete genome sequence
Plaques: 0.5- 1mm, clear.
Typing phage No. 2 of set of Mukerjee et al.
Typing phage No. 2 of set of Lee and Furniss.

Propagation conditions
Host strain HER
Temp. Medium Aerobic/Anaerobic Agitation Others
37ºC BHI, TSA Nutrient broth

Original reference
Mukerjee, D., D. K. Guha, and U. K. Guha Roy. 1957. Studies on typing of cholera by bacteriophage. Part I. Phage typing of Vibrio cholerae from Calcultta epidemics. Annals of Biochemistry and Experimental Medicine 17:161-176.
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Ackermann H-W, Kasatiya SS, Kawata T, Koga T, Lee JV, Mbiguino A, Newman FS, Vieu J-F, Zachary A. 1984. Classification of Vibrio bacteriophages. Intervirology 22:61-71.
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Not available from the Félix d’Hérelle reference center for bacterial viruses, please contact ATCC for the distribution of this phage.

Received from Date
S. Mukerjee,
Indian Institute for biochemistry and experimental medecine,
WHO, International Reference Center for Vibrio Phage Typing, Calcutta, India.
Received from Date
ATCC 11-1979
Original source
Stool of cholera patient. Calcutta, India

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