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Genus Species Subspecies Host strain
Cellulophaga baltica 18
Other designations

Growth conditions
Temperature Medium Aerobic/Anaerobic Agitation Others
Room temp.ºC Zobell agar, MLB broth Agitation needed


Phage sensitivity

Original reference

Takes three days to grow on Zobell agar pates, 16-20 hours to reach stationary phase in MLB, doubling time in MLB is 2-3 hours.

Obtenu de Date
Prof. Matthew Sullivan, Center for Microbial Interface Biology, Ohio State University,
484 W. 12th Ave. Columbus, OH 43210
December 2016
Isolé par Date
Dr. Karin Holmfeldt, Department of Biology and Environmental Science, Linnaeus
University, 391 82 Kalmar, Sweden
February 2000
Original source
Seawater, Øresund surface water (56°2 N, 12°37 E),

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